Candid Approach, Aggressive Representation

As we age, we place a higher value on financial security. Unfortunately, gaining this security is not always a simple and straightforward process. Disputes commonly occur, and are difficult to resolve between family members and loved ones who are seeking opposite outcomes.

Often, people turn to lawyers who specialize in probates and trusts in an attempt to find a resolution. However, many attorneys in this field don't have the necessary litigation background. At Kleinschmidt Law, we bring substantial litigation experience along with extensive knowledge of probate and trust administration.

In addition to our focus on trust and probate disputes, we also help clients with the fight against elder abuse. As strong advocates for elder rights, we work diligently to ensure that our clients and their loved ones are not abused, financially or otherwise.

A Strong Advocate

Located in San Diego, our law firm serves clients across Southern California who have been forced to confront any of the following issues:

  • Trust litigation — If you suspect that a trust is being mishandled or conducted in an unscrupulous way, we can help you pursue legal options.
  • Probate litigation — Whether it's a will contest or a loved one not performing his or her duties, we can help you plan a legal strategy.
  • Elder abuse litigation — Whether it's a nursing home, family, a friend or a neighbor, we can help you find legal closure.
  • Trust and probate administration — The administration of a trust or probate comes with many responsibilities. We can help families navigate the complexities of these issues.
  • Fiduciary representation — We can help and advise fiduciary representatives when it comes to administering trusts or estates.
  • Conservatorships — We can help you file and object to conservatorships.
  • Guardianships — We can help set up a guardianship to protect the well-being and estate of a minor.

When engaged in any dispute, the importance of having experienced counsel that can properly evaluate the case and offer candid advice is invaluable. We treat your case as if it was our own, and we work to advocate tenaciously for your goals.

Begin Working Toward A Resolution Today

When faced in any kind of probate, trust or elder abuse dispute, time can be of the essence. Assembling an experienced team on your behalf to review your case and offer honest guidance is key. Contact Kleinschmidt Law at 619-567-7812, or visit our contact page to set up an appointment for a free consultation during the office hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with Jami Kleinschmidt.