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Free Consultations 619-567-7812

Trust, Probate And Elder Abuse Litigation

At Kleinschmidt Law, we provide comprehensive representation when it comes to caring for your loved ones and their financial security and well being. In particular, we represent clients who are engaged in the following contested and uncontested matters:

  • Trust litigation – Our firm provides clients with the experience necessary to challenge a trust and determine your legal strategy for doing so.
  • Probate litigation – Whether it is a will contest or a personal representative not adhering to his or her duties, we can help you assess your legal options.
  • Elder abuse litigation – Allegations of nursing home and elder abuse can be a difficult subject matter to discuss and investigate. However, at our firm, you will find dedicated resources to helping you pursue legal closure.
  • Trust and probate administration – Often times, families believe they are saving themselves money and headaches by not contacting an attorney when setting up a trust or an estate. However, the opposite is often true. At Kleinschmidt Law, we can help you set up the trust or estate as it was intended, paving the way for avoiding unnecessary litigation in the future.
  • Fiduciary representation – The designated fiduciary holds a key role in administering a trust. We can help provide fiduciaries with the legal knowledge and background necessary to avoid litigation in the future or to properly resolve the situation should litigation occur.
  • Conservatorships – Often created for those who need assistance with living the best life possible, conservatorships can be difficult to file or to object to. At our firm, we are ready to act on your behalf and protect your interests.
  • Guardianships – Designed to protect the well-being of a minor, guardianships are often necessary to protect their estate as well. In order to become a legal guardian, an appointment by the court is necessary. At Kleinschmidt Law, we have experience in both contested and uncontested guardianships.

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