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Free Consultations 619-567-7812


“After searching for the right lawyer to represent us, we found Jami, and are ever thankful we did. She was honest and let us know it would be an uphill battle to prove the financial abuse. However, her diligence and attention to detail found an ignored technicality from 1989 that proved my sister and I were due a fair share of the estate. What was going to be a messy fight became a clean negotiation.

Because of her knowledge and skill, Jami was able to foil a major rip-off. She was patient and explained the complexities in a manner we could understand. Her professionalism kept us level-headed and informed. She is a pleasant person to work with and we will never forget her.

I wish no one has to face what we did, but if so, Jami Kleinschmidt is the right person for the job.”

– Vince from Rialto

“I never would’ve dreamed I’d need an attorney, and I’m so glad Jami was there for me. She’s knowledgeable, compassionate, and responded in a timely manner, all of which was valuable to me. Jami helped me develop realistic expectations about my case, and she’s confident in her abilities. But for Jami’s efforts, my sister would’ve unduly prolonged administration and distribution of the trust.”

– Nancy from Washington

“My wife was uncertain, so together we looked online for lawyers in San Diego, and after a lot of searching we found Ms. Kleinschmidt who had experience with dealing with abuse of the elderly. Jami completely understood this complicated situation and discussed a number options with me, including the estimated costs of each option.

After deciding on our course of action, Jami worked diligently and persistently to achieve our goal. She is compassionate, knows this area of the law thoroughly, and is very professional. “

– Hugh from East Sussex, UK

“Ms. Kleinschmidt, you are a brilliant lawyer and a very compassionate and understanding person. You were always there for me professionally and personally. Once again, thank you for everything you have done for me.”

– Carrie from Arizona

“Ms. Kleinschmidt patiently fielded all my questions and concerns, was empathetic and respectful, and always made herself available.

She never made false promises and realistically stated expected time frames and outcomes. I always felt that, not only was Jami fighting for my case but she also cared about my welfare and wellbeing.

I absolutely recommend Ms. Kleinschmidt’s services to anyone with inheritance and family trust disputes.”

– Rena S from San Diego

“For myself, living in a Midwest state and needing an attorney on the west coast, one would think that would be difficult to do long distance. But Ms. Kleinschmidt made a delicate situation easier.

Jami was my advocate on many levels in my absence. Not only that, but she truly listened to me. Jami wanted to know not only what I needed in the case, but also my back story so she could understand my position as well as why it was so important to be that advocate.

In arguments on my behalf, Ms. Kleinschmidt even remembered subtle nuances of my background, relationships, and rationales, showing a true interest in championing for me, and not just billable hours…clients are lucky to have you!”

– Kris S from Nebraska

” As an Illinois resident, I was informed that I was the Trustee to a very complicated and messy estate to be administered in San Diego. I realized that I needed find just the right Probate and Estate litigation attorney with experience and knowledge that would be able to assist me with my situation. I searched the internet for San Diego attorneys and narrowed down my list to what I thought were my best choices. I then presented my choices to my attorney in Illinois to review and we both came to a mutual decision that Jami Kleinschmidt was our obvious choice. I could not have made a better choice! She was truly a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing an outstanding Probate and Estate litigation attorney. Jami was caring, kind, extremely knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate, and went above and beyond the expected with assisting me with the unusual circumstances of the estate. I was reassured after my initial phone call with her that I had made the correct choice. Should I ever need to seek legal representation again in San Diego, it would be an easy choice to make. It would be Jami Kleinschmidt.”

– Mike from Illinois