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How To Contest Probate Or Trust

The passing of a family member or loved one can be made even more difficult if the contents of a will or trust are contested by the beneficiaries. Contesting probate or trust can be particularly onerous on the beneficiaries for several reasons. These disputes can be very costly in terms of attorneys fees, and can take years to resolve. In addition, these disputes are frequently between family members, adding an emotional element to these challenges.

What To Know About Contesting Probate Or Trust

Every will and trust is set up differently, which gives beneficiaries different avenues by which they can resolve their case. The most important thing is simple: getting a copy of the will or trust and finding out what options would be within your rights in moving forward. An experienced attorney can be invaluable in this process, and can help you set realistic expectations and plan a strategy based around the facts of the case.

As a seasoned lawyer and litigator, Jami Kleinschmidt has experience in probate and trust litigation, and will contests that can help you better understand the following:

We will work with you to assess the strength of your case and move forward accordingly. Most often, we are able to resolve cases by the time we reach the discovery phase. However, we are committed to aggressively defending our clients’ rights, and are fully prepared to proceed with litigation when necessary.

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