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Guiding You Through Trust Administration Matters

After the creator of a trust has passed away, the trust will need to be administered and distributed according to the wishes of the decedent. These instructions will be stated in the initially composed trust documents and detail how the trust is to be handled. Though it sounds straightforward, the process can sometimes become complicated and require the attention of an experienced lawyer.

At Kleinschmidt Law, we have extensive experience handling the administration of all types of trusts. Whether you are the trustee or a beneficiary of the trust, San Diego attorney Jami Kleinschmidt can take the steps necessary to ensure your interests are protected and the trust administration process is thoroughly explained to you.

Representing Those Involved In Trust Administration

  • Trustee representation: By law, the trust documents that include the wishes of the deceased trust creator must be followed. If they are not followed or the trust is administered in a way that deviates from the instructions, the trustee or trust administrator may be held liable. He or she may be on the receiving end of accusations of breaching their fiduciary duty and trust litigation may ensue.
  • Beneficiary representation: Even though beneficiaries of a trust do not have to be concerned with the specific process, it is important for them to have representation. Since they stand to benefit from the trust, it is their inheritances that are at stake. To ensure they get what is rightfully theirs, a lawyer can be involved.

Jami Kleinschmidt can also step in to represent individuals who are not specifically named in the trust, but believe they are owed a portion of the trust. This process proceeds through court, as the trust needs to be formally contested.

Get Answers To Your Trust Questions

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